This website looks terrible.....

So how you do build websites, yet yours is terrible?

Well, if you made it to reading this.... Here is why:
Why waste time making this beautiful website to gain new customers, it just looks expensive and many of you will keep looking elsewhere. Plus, i'm busy building the pretty websites for all my customers, that's better time spent. I do have an entire portfolio that I will share with potentials customers, just hit that "Contact Me" button. I bet I respond within a few minutes, unless it's the middle of the night...

What is "Guru Your Web"

I've been builing websites since I was old enough to reach the computer's chair and keyboard.
How much do you think a website costs? 1k? 2k? 3k? Some companies charge between 2k - 6k just to build the website, then you have to pay a monthly fee for your website, crazy right? Guru your web is quite simple. We will charge you a monthly fee, under $100 a month.... No thousands of dollars! We can typically whip out a new website in a couple of days!

It's pain in the, well you know...

Have you ever dealt with a website company? It's annoying huh?
In the bigger companies, you don't get to talk to the actual people or person building your website. Instead, you have to deal with a sales person or an account rep. That can be such a pain and super annoying. Not here... You work directly with the Guru. From first design to upkeep and changes, you'll deal with the same guru always! Now there might be an assistant here and there, but not 3rd people in the way or hours of hold music.

You'll never have to mess with your website!

Seriously.... Ever had a website built, then you're the one expected to make changes and update it? Or let me guess.... You have to re-pay a new website fee for changes, or even better, pay per change? Stupid.... Your Guru will always maintain your website, you just send an email with the changes you want, and boom.... Done! Easy right!
Thant's why we are the Guru's -- From content, to theme, to pictures, to a whole new look, it's covered.

An added bonus.... We maintain the security and SEO (search engine optimization) of your website, so rest assured your website is always secure.

Contact a Guru

General Info

Contact us, even if you’re just curious of a website, we love meeting new people! There is a total of 2 of us, so we will know you by name, not an account number.

Contact us, let’s get your footprint on the web.

PS: You will never deal with a high pressure sale or other stuff like that. We will simple provide you with a quote or general information, what you choose is 100% up to you!


— Our web server are 100% hosted right here in the US of A. Never some other place.

Here is a handy thing to contact me, no pressure - ever!

Use the below form to send us an email, but if you are trying to sell me something… I am not interested.